About Us

The story of Zero to Infinity Financial Planners Sydney

Zero to Infinity (ZTI) was established to provide a solutions based platform to educate individuals in taking control of their financial futures. In our world, we have been conditioned to live our lives dictated by others; the Banks, the financial institutions and the tax man, are all good examples of others that seem to be running our lives.

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither is wealth created over night! Our approach is to empower you, as an investor, by not only setting you up for life, but explaining the entire process in full. In turn, you gain knowledge and confidence in your investment choices.

ZTI was set up to bridge the gap between the financial planning industry and the real estate industry. We exercise clear and concise strategies that enable you to create wealth and pay off your unwanted ‘bad debt’ and ‘non deductible debt’ in the fastest possible way. We also look at strategies to help you on the path to retirement so that you don’t just become a statistic and end up on the pension.

Our philosophy is very simple. ‘Learn the art of making more money rather than compromising on living by cutting expenses