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Have You Considered Managing Your Own Super? Is property your retirement solution?

Question: who is managing your Super?

Question: If you know the fund manager then ask yourself do I know the person who overseeing of my retirement fund?

Question: How can you have a complete stranger take care of your Super, your Money and your Equity?

One third of Australians have figured out how to wisely invest in their future. They have moved away from the ‘traditional’ super funds and now have what is known as a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF). SMSFs are a secure way to build your retirement wealth:

  • The SMSF is the fastest growing sector of the superannuation industry. You can borrow money from your SMSF to purchase property.
  • You can have up to 4 members so it’s a great way to pool your resources with your family and grow your wealth together
  • You are totally in control! You are the trustee and you choose how you will invest your money. You are not relying on a stranger making investment choices for you, and leaving your financial security in the hands of a big corporation.

There are many advantages to having a SMSF:

  • Large tax savings
  • Asset protection
  • Negative gearing in the super environment
  • Control over the assets in your super
  • Borrow money from your super funds to invest in further assets

You may look at an SMSF as a forced saving plan. Although you can’t access the funds until retirement age, you can use your money to make further investments, therefore increasing your wealth and the amount of money you will have at retirement age.

It all sounds a bit daunting, but ZTI and its independent unbiased partners will explain it to you in easy to understand terms. You needn’t be scared about quitting the confines of a big corporation, but excited of the possibilities of earning more money through your super, to live comfortably in retirement.

Buying a property within Super is a smart and safe way to invest. Secure your financial future through property investment with your SMSF.

Kim Page – Financial Planner | Page Financial

Page Financial is a bespoke wealth planning team that is dedicated to helping clients create wealth and leave a legacy for themselves and their loved ones. Each person, family and business have unique goals and dreams that form the basis for tailored financial advice.

You work hard to provide comfort, support and security for yourself and your family, and your finances are an important part of your life. It makes good sense to ensure you have a road map for how to make the most of your income. Page Financial looks at your goals and priorities and works with you to develop the right strategies to achieve your goals within your budget, cash flow and timeline.

We help put the fun into planning that special vacation, buying your dream, your next investment property, or having financial peace of mind so you can sleep at night. We hold your hand and guide you through the financial planning experience from start to finish.

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Allan Gregory Dowsett has been a financial adviser for over 30 years and enjoys working with people to help them maximise their wealth to ensure they have a worry free lifestyle and also ensuring their assets are protected whilst they are building their wealth.

He looks at all investment options and insurances necessary to ensure their goals are met.