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We’d like to thank Sharad and his team for outstanding support in trying to achieve our financial goals. We had 1 investment property and with Sharad and his team and they have grown our portfolio to 3 in just 2 years.

They provide us with financial support any time of day including weekends, and shown us how to reduce our debt and become financially independent within a few years. Sharad is always helpful and comes and does a finance check every 6 months to make sure you are on track to achieving your goals.

They have a great team offering services from property growth, tax, legal and even using other financial institutions for independent financial expertise ie: Self Managed Super Funds.

We would thoroughly recommend Sharad and his team for any financial advice as they have not let us down.

Steven & Kim

With our home needing a make-over & partial renovation my husband & I decided that we would refinance our current mortgage and borrow some extra money to achieve this. Our Mortgage Consultant examined our financial situation and recommended that we purchase an Investment Property. We were made aware that we could still achieve our goal however the overall financial benefits would be greater. With very little knowledge in this field I had my fair share of prevailing concerns as we are ordinary income earners with 2 young children. How can we afford an Investment Property? Why would we set ourselves up for another huge debt!

Sharad Ved Prakash, a Financial Specialist was recommended by our Mortgage Consultant. I remained sceptical at the whole idea of purchasing an Investment Home as I couldn’t fathom how we could afford to do this.

We met with Sharad and I was pleasantly surprised by Sharad’s professionalism and research. Sharad pre-studied our income, expenditure and current financial situation and was able to deliver a very informative and personalised presentation. Sharad even gave us a calculator to work out the cost of purchase, our income, expenditure, tax benefits, and forecasting costs & income. This interactive and quality presentation proved to be an invaluable learning process as we were able to completely grasp and understand the income strategies associated with Investment Properties or Good Debt.

Moving forward we committed ourselves to the purchase of an Investment Property. Sharad organised all the necessary services required, i.e. a Lawyer and/or Paralegal, a Home Loan Manager, and an Accountant.

Sharad continually shows a genuine interest in our Investment Portfolio, whenever we have concerns or new and improved investment strategies occur he makes arrangements to keep us informed and visits us at our home. He also shows us personal consideration as he allows us time to get home from work, have dinner and settle our children.

Sharad’s professionalism, commitment, passion and personal interest is a testimony to us that he is a great Financial Specialist.

All the Best Sharad.

Peter & Nichole

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